Orduña House Museum, Guadalest

Orduña House Museum, Guadalest

Address: Calle Iglesia, 2. Postal Code: 03517
Telephone number: 965 885 393
Open daily.

1644 the Orduña House was built after the great earthquake, which demolished much of the original housing in Guadalest. The Orduña family, of Basque origin, came to El Castell de Guadalest as friends of the Cardonas. They served the Cardonas as guardians of the castle and governors of their estates.

1708 the Orduña House was burnt down and plundered during the War of the Spanish Succession.

1756 Pedro Antonio Buenaventura de Orduña y García became a nobleman when he was appointed to the Santiago Order.

1994 the Orduña house was bought by the town hall in order to refurbish it and make it into a Municipal Museum. All the furnishings of the house were donated by Joaquín María de Orduña.

One half of the house is supported by the rock while the other half occupies areas over the chapels of the adjoining church. The house is of timber, plaster and stone construction. It has four levels and an attic with several small stairways leading to it. The ground floor consisted of a large reception area, wine-vault, kitchen, dining room, pantries, yards, horse-stables and barn. The remaining levels were occupied by chambers and their private quarters.

The library is perhaps the most interesting feature of the house. It contains a total of 1265 volumes. The catalogue of the "Ancient Books" (1500–1800) consists of 589 entries. The books are of various shapes, sizes and bindings. As can be seen from the book covers, the majority of the books were acquired by the lawyer Don Francisco de Paula Orduña.

On entering the state rooms you can see a staircase with a font on the right hand side. This staircase leads to a private gallery, which the Orduña family used to occupy in the church, a privilege bestowed upon them by the Archbishops of Valencia.


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