Fiestas and Festivals in Guadalest

Fiestas and Festivals in Guadalest

Festival of San Gregorio

Takes place in the first week of June. This is also called the "Youth Feasts" because the youngsters are in charge of organising the events. During these celebrations sporting activities and street parties take place all around the town.


Fiesta of Our Lady of the Assumption

Take place between the 14th and the 17th of August.

On the first night the festival queen is named. After this, the procession of La Virgen de la Asunción takes place from the Orduña house to the church. The town council offers everyone a drink and the street party begins.

On the second day there is an offering of flowers to the Virgin and a music parade.In the evening there are street parties.

On the third day there is another parade, a mass, and a funfair. At night there are street parties.

On the fourth day there is another parade and a mass in honour of our Virgin. During the afternoon the virgin is taken in procession to the Orduña House.More street parties and a firework display mark the end of the fiesta


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