Antonio Marco Dolls Houses Museum, Guadalest

Antonio Marco Dolls Houses Museum, Guadalest

Address: Calle Virgen, 2. Postal code: 03517
Telephone number: 965 885 323

This museum is the work of one man Antonio Marco and has taken him 15 years to complete.

It is a private museum which opens every day of the year. You can see beautifully decorated doll houses with intricate details, a Nativity Scene and other models made from real bricks, stone and iron. The interiors are exact replicas of authentic houses.

A particularly interesting scale model is the one of a giant Bethlehem. This nativity scene weighs 12 tons and in the style of the early 20th Century. It has received many awards from tourist associations, and the compliments of the Spanish Royal Family.The Nativity Scene required 20 years for its construction, and it is made without using cork, plastic, cardboard, or paint. Instead stone, tile, brick, wood, iron, natural plants and bonsai were employed.

The museum also exhibits doll houses.

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